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Pelvic Pain

About Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is very common among women of all ages.  It affects women’s quality of life by interfering with their daily activities and intimate relationship. Patients often undergo multiple surgeries for diagnosis and treatment.  Pelvic pain can originate from multiple reasons.  All the pelvic organs can be affected due to various etiologies.  Endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, adenomyosis, pelvic masses, neuralgia and pelvic floor muscle spasms are among common etiologies.  Unfortunately, prior gynecological surgeries can cause pelvic pain in women.  Some patients with history of prior mesh surgery can be affected by pelvic pain.

In order to have the optimal treatment, it is important to know the actual reason for pain.  There are various therapies including conservative treatments as well as surgical treatments that can improve quality of life of women affected by pelvic pain.

If your life is affected by pelvic pain, do not stop searching for treatment!