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Intersitial Cystitis

What is Interstitial Cystitis?


Interstitial Cystitis, commonly known as IC is a frustrating condition of the bladder that can affects women. It is diagnosed when patient has chronic urinary urgency and frequency as well as bladder/pelvic pain without having UTI. It is a mysterious disease as it can have different presentation and it can affect patients with different severity. We also use the term “ Painful Bladder Syndrome” which implies the variation in the symptoms. It is very common among middle age women. In fact, as the severity of disease can have a wide variation, many patients with this condition are not diagnosed with that. As the symptoms can be similar to UTI, often time they have multiple urine tests and urgent care visit, before they are officially diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC). Some patients may have predominantly urgency and frequency and some others pain is the prominent symptom. There are different theories regarding the pathophysiology of interstitial cystitis. There is evidence that it can be linked to irritation of the bladder lining by allergens and environmental irritants.


  About IC & Painful Bladder Syndrome